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Your Guide to a Complying Development Certificate

We work with certifiers to deliver an approved plan without the unnecessary red tape.

Acquiring your Complying Development Certificate is a streamlined approval process that allows you to avoid the complicated and lengthy Council Development Application process. We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand the possibilities, delivering the best outcome for your development.

Why choose ES Design to secure your Complying Development Certificate in Sydney?
We are a team of experienced
With extensive industry knowledge, we ensure efficient and consistent delivery. We keep up to date with changing legislation and certifier requirements to ensure a hassle free Complying Development Certificate approval process.
We deliver on time and within
Through consultations, we plan the entire process and keep you informed each step of the way. Our fees are fixed and we work around the clock to meet deadlines.
We are a local service
Our experts are all in-house. Being Sydney-based and locally established, means we are in frequent contact with our clients, welcoming open communication channels and real-time updates.
We offer a complimentary Complying Development Certificate consultation with every fee proposal.
How does the Complying Development Certificate process work?
dual occupancy designs
Stage 1
Confirmation and acceptance
Following an initial consultation and defined scope of work, a proposal is accepted to begin design services.
complying development certificate sydney
Stage 2
Design approval
Sketch designs, including Floor Plan and Front Elevation sketches will be provided for review and approval.
development approval
Stage 3
Final stage design
Remaining design drawings including Site Plan, remaining Elevations and Section View will be issued for final review and approval.
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Stage 4
Completed design package will be submitted to applicable Certifying Authority for review and determination.
Benefits of selecting ES Design for your Complying Development Certificate approval
A well-coordinated CDC process, conducted by a team of local, Sydney-based experts to ensure a quality outcome and in-house management
An accurate and efficient process, meeting timeframes and budgets in due time, so that you can start building sooner
A detailed and thorough development application process, with industry professionals working with you each step of the way.
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