A Guide to Luxury Design

Luxury interior design doesn’t have to mean high costs – it all comes down to the finer details, and embracing your individual style.

30 April, 2022

There’s a wealth of routes to take in designing or upgrading your home when it comes to luxury interior design. Here at ES Design, we have our finger on the pulse of contemporary and modern interior design trends and are happy to help bring to life your vision.

When you initially decide that you’re after a luxury interior design, there’s a lot to take in—from your style to your space and the little bits and bobs that make up the essence of your home. We’ve put together a guide that will help you in the initial stages of planning your home with a nod to modern interior design.

1. Define your luxury style

While most people believe that luxury comes down to the property itself, we’re big believers that it’s more of an individual, unique touch. The size or location may not matter, but your sense of style certainly does. You don’t need a mansion to evoke a sense of luxury—high-end interior design can thrive anywhere. 

So what exactly boosts a feeling of luxury? It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s a matter of sophistication, elegance and detail. When you walk into a room, you will feel that living is easy. Because it is so reflective of your lifestyle, it’s also important to embed your sense of style with luxury.

2. Figure out what inspires you 

Luxury and modern interior design mean something different for everyone, depending on personal preference and inspiration. Luxury springs from creativity and inspiration, so ask yourself what luxury interior elements would benefit your life.

Perhaps your focus would be on the kitchen, where you can whip up elegant meals with a range of high-end appliances in a neatly-trimmed environment. Or maybe you value your routine and sense of self and feel like a lavish bathroom would make all of your luxury interior dreams come true. 

3. Use your space wisely 

As we mentioned above, space barely even comes into luxury if you know how to use it well. Luxury interior design starts with a well-thought-out plan; you’ll want to hone in on how you can use tiny details and every element to spout luxury. 

As luxury depends on care and focus, it’s important to get the layout as functional and as elegant as possible. Choose larger pieces that fit the space well, and then work around it. 

4. Go wild with the tiny touches

Luxury interior design revolves around small details. Once your layout is finalised, it’s time to go irate, thinking of ways in which the lighting, the furniture, the textures and the colours of your home can exuberate your personality. 

Shiny elements like gold, silver, brass or copper work amazingly with soft, full fabrics such as velvet and silk. Other luxury textures like wool and faux fur can spruce up the interior with the help of soft throws or stylish rugs, and they add an element of cosiness. 

When it comes to colours, using a neutral palette with sophisticated hues like red, royal blue, black, and gold is well-known for evoking feelings of luxury. As you dive into modern interior design, ES Design can help guide your home in a direction that you’ll feel proud of. For more information on how your interior space can improve, contact us today.

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