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4 tips for a stunning home from luxury Australian designers and architects - 6 Aug, 2021

As designers, we’re well aware of how difficult designing a home can be. There are many factors to take into account and a lot of conceptualisation behind designing the perfect home. For luxury homes, professional designers and architects at ES design often recommend that homeowners practise restraint as it can be incredibly easy to go overboard with luxury furnishings, features, and opulent interior designs.

After years in this industry, our designers and architects have developed a plethora of handy tips that we’d love to share with our clients. Luxury homes have, surprisingly, been a lot more challenging to design because it requires the organisation and inclusion of many more features. The possibilities are endless with luxury homes, however, it doesn’t always mean that everything should be included. In our experience, the saying “less is more” rings true for many home designs.


Why designers and architects are integral to the design of your luxury home

Before we dive into the tips from our in-house designers and architects, let's first discuss why they’re so important to the design of your home. Designers and architects are valuable resources for your home. They have studied building design and architecture and understand the common mistakes that eager homeowners make.
Upon our initial consultation, a member of our team will discuss what you want from your home and what you think would be fruitful for your future and evolving lifestyle. This may sound simple, however, it is instrumental in ensuring that your home is not just luxurious, but also functional and versatile.
You’d be amazed at how many of our clients don’t realise that they aren’t sure what they want or need from their homes! With guidance and advice from our team, they eventually determine what features they need to be incorporated into their home’s design.

4 tips for your luxury home straight from our building designers

Topography is everything

If you’re planning to design your luxury home, it’s likely that you have already bought a lot or have an idea of where you want your home to be located. Most luxury homes that we have helped design are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and impressive views. If you’re one of those lucky homes, then our advice is to capitalise on it.
There’s nothing more luxurious or impressive than a beautiful view. In your design, ensure that you incorporate large glass windows or position rooms that you and your family will spend a lot of time in where the view can be best seen and appreciated.

Prioritise specific features

Though a luxury home often has a very high and flexible budget, it doesn’t mean that you should splurge on every feature. Clients often spend large amounts of money on ‘luxury’ features that don’t mean a lot to them and end up either spending much more than they budgeted for or running out of money.
We advise clients to spend money on lavish features that they will either use frequently or hold valuable. For example, if swimming is a client’s preferred form of exercise, then consider splurging on an infinity or indoor pool.
Consider function as well as flow

This tip is not exclusive to luxury homes, but it is certainly worth mentioning. Always consider the flow of your floor plan as well as its functionality. Though open floor plans are the most popular and preferred floor plan, for clients who frequently hold meetings and appointments or regularly work from home, it will not be optimal (depending on the line of work they're in). On the other hand, if you have a beautiful view, you’ll want an open floor plan so that you can appreciate the view from any angle of the home.
Use natural light with your luxury features

Natural light is one of the best features to capitalise on. Though any type of home can utilise it, when harnessed in conjunction with luxury features, the results can be phenomenal. If you plan on incorporating a gorgeous chandelier in your home, then place it in a room where large windows allow natural light to bounce off the chandelier.
At ES Design, our team works with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your home. We know that the design and architecture of your luxury home are extremely important, which is why we’re more than happy to provide you with all of our building design tips. Luxury properties are more than just magnificent structures, they’re homes. We’ll help you turn your luxury home into all that you dreamed of.
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