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5 tips for designing a dual occupancy home - 23 Feb, 2021

Dual occupancy designs are two homes on one block of land. While it may be perplexing to some, dual occupancy designs are becoming increasingly popular among investors and young couples who view it as a cost-efficient method of owning a home while also earning income (through the rental of one home). The main advantage of dual occupancy homes is that it can pay for itself – an attractive feature for many people who consider the option of purchasing or building one.

There are several beautiful dual occupancy homes on the market in Sydney. Alternatively, if you’re a property developer or simply prefer to customise your property, you also have the option of building your own dual occupancy home. With this option, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind that will impact the overall feasibility of your project, its future earning potential and the quality of your home. These tips will also lead to a much smoother design and build process, ensuring that you get exactly the property that you envisioned.


5 tips for designing and building your dual occupancy home


#1 Determine exactly what you want from your home’s design

The best advice that our team can give you is to ensure that you figure out exactly what you want before you submit your final design plans. Though you may be certain about wanting a dual occupancy home, you may not know the number of bedrooms you need, where you need them located or whether you want your property to contain sustainable elements.
Not knowing your design needs is normal, however, to ensure that your final design reflects your needs, you must finalise your family’s requirements. An easy and foolproof way to achieve this is by hiring ES Design. Our team will guide you through your options and help you determine exactly what you need from the design. They will bear in mind your budget as well as your immediate needs and lead you through your short-term and long-term goals.

#2 Use the services of an all-inclusive design company like ES Design

ES Design does more than prepare your design documents, they manage your entire Development Application (DA) process. Anyone in construction and property development knows that the NSW DA process can be intimidating and complex. With ES Design’s guidance, you won’t only have access to expert preparation of your designs and plans, but you’ll also be able to benefit from the proper preparation of your application.
As certain certificates and approvals are needed before you begin to construct (e.g. DA approval), it helps to have one company, like ES Design, as the singular point of contact and in control of the entire process. We promise that we will give you the best possible chance of having your development application approved.


#3 Understand the budget required

Building a house will always be expensive. The specifics of your design is what will determine the exact cost of your project. This is why understanding your needs and working with your budget is important from the initial stages. Bear in mind that your budget will determine how large your kitchen can be, whether you can include a pool and the number of bathrooms you have in your home, among other details. ES Design will work with your budget and find partners who are upfront with costs and transparent with their processes. .

#4 Research and then buy your land

One of the biggest challenges that developers, investors and homeowners create for themselves is when they purchase land before doing their research. Your surroundings give your project context and usually contains many determining factors like the slope of the land, orientation and of course, council restrictions. We highly recommend that you research these factors before committing to the purchase of a piece of land.

#5 Be smart with your floor plan and facade

The way you design your dual occupancy home’s floor plan and facade affects its suitability on the market and ultimately, your property’s earning potential. This is particularly important for developers/investors and homeowners who will use the second dwelling as a form of income or for profit. Premium fixtures and fittings, open floor plans as well as popular sustainable and functional features like double-glazing and solar lighting will make your property more attractive.

At ES Design, we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your property. We know how important a building design and renovation project is, especially if your livelihood depends on it, and thus, will work to ensure that we provide you with the best advice and guidance possible so that your development potential is maximised. To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.