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5 trends to incorporate in your luxury home design - 23 Sep, 2020

Luxury home designs usually require careful attention and planning in both its design, construction and fit-out. When it comes to luxury, restraint with colours, accessories and textures is usually thrown out the window to exude a lavish and rich aesthetic. While 2020 is no different with its flexible and individualistic trends, they seemed to have evolved to accommodate individuality in style, making every luxury home design successful. 

So what does it mean to exude individuality in your designs? It’s more than simply finding a unique accessory at a market on the weekend, instead, it must reflect yourself and your style. This combination is difficult to find but will stun any visitor to your home. To make things easier for yourself, contact ES Design’s team for a luxury home design consultation. They’ll explore different options with you and point you in the direction of the services that are bound to bring you luxury, comfort and joy in your home. 

5 trends for your luxury home designs in Sydney

Timeless Luxury

As a trend, timelessness evokes more than one meaning. People will be furnishing their homes with expensive pieces of furniture, that while reflecting individuality, can also evolve and accommodate future trends. In true luxury home fashion, the purchase of an expensive piece of furniture or incorporating an elaborate design is no surprise, however, introducing a feature that can stand the test of time’s trends is a new development in luxury. For this trend, luxury includes sustainability and environmental awareness, so look forward to large windows and skylights that offer natural light and promote airflow throughout your home.

Countryside Luxury

Home luxury does not have to be limited to countryside chic. The countryside chic aesthetic of the 21st century is moving away from the once-popular barnyard themes and moving towards a more sophisticated and elegant, British farmhouse. Think lush botanicals, layered patterns, antique decor and muted tones. It’s refined countryside luxury that brilliantly combines elegance and rusticity.  Not sure how to achieve this aesthetic? Not to worry, your ES Designer will point you in the right direction and to the right person.

Contrast for Luxury

Gone are the days of muted neutrals dominating both walls, moulding and accessories. Instead, trends are favouring high contrast through bold designs, to exude rich elegance in ways that could not be captivated before with a natural palette. Instead, bold accents create a crispness with neutrals that amplify its luxury, presenting a fresh and timeless aesthetic worthy of any luxury homeowner. Our favourite quality of this trend is the ability to easily introduce one’s individuality through graphic art, Art Deco-inspired designs or abstract rugs.

Natural Luxury

Luxury is extending beyond the traditional flashy chandelier and gold accessories. In the 21st century, luxury has seen the introduction of natural materials merging into homes to create an effortless form of luxury. Natural materials such as marble, linen, jute will no longer exude a simple bohemian vibe, but instead a more refined and polished version i.e. natural luxury.

Colourful Luxury

In keeping with the pattern of this article, neutrals are slowly fading out of fashion while colours and patterns are making a huge comeback. Layered shades of pink (think peach corals and terracotta) will make the home feel grounded. With the addition of golden tones like caramel and leather, luxury creeps in to create both an earthy but luxurious feel to your home. Patterned wallpaper ceilings coupled with rich wall colours and bold accents can create lush luxury that’s difficult to emulate in other properties.

ES Design, our team will work with you to ensure that every measure is taken to guarantee the success of your dream home. With personalised attention and advice from a team with decades of experience, rest easy knowing that your luxury home will reflect your personality, needs and requirements.  To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.