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6 budget-friendly building design and renovation tips - 9 Nov, 2020

Designing, building and renovating your home is no easy task. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and put pressure on your pocket. For developers, a tight budget is usually the most difficult constraint to overcome. However, in a world of new and innovative materials, finishes and furnishings for the construction and building industry, the possibilities have become endless for building designs and renovations, even when on a budget.

At ES Design, our team is trained to advise, design and execute your wishes regardless of your budget. As we have been in the industry for over two decades, we have developed a few tips and tricks for executing a cost-effective building design or renovation. In this article, we’ll outline these budget-friendly solutions so that you can afford your dream property.


6 budget-friendly effective building design and renovation tips from our team


#1 Solar passive building design

In line with sustainable trends, solar passive building design is a great way to remain cost-effective for years. Bear in mind that the initial cost of a solar passive building design is high, however, it pays for itself and in a few years, you’ll be benefiting from low utility costs. 

A solar passive building design involves using effective insulation and orientation and sustainable materials in the design of your property. For example, the awnings or eaves of your home should be used to reject sun and direct ventilation in the summer, and vice-versa in the winter. Concrete flooring and reverse brick veneer keep the heat absorbed and out of the interior, limiting the need for air conditioning. A solar passive building design is incredibly effective in Sydney where sunny days make up the majority of the year and is a smart investment for anyone looking to save money in the long term.

#2 Only build what you need

It’s easy to get carried away with a building design or renovation plans. Property owners get caught up with trends and elaborate, but unnecessary, additions such as theatres, en suites and game rooms. If you have the budget, then, of course, go for it! However, if you’re looking to cut back on your costs, then deeply consider what is needed for your lifestyle, family and future plans. Kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms are usually where costs are high because of expensive finishes, so consider either reducing the number of these rooms or its space. For example, do you need an ensuite guest bathroom or does a half bath suffice?

#3 Use timber frames

Consider using a timber frame for your renovation or construction of a house extension. Timber frames are sustainable, incredibly quick to build, saving you money on construction and labour costs and are extremely affordable. There are several finishes available, making it extremely likely that you will find an option to suit your aesthetic.

#4 Understand that being an owner-builder is not always cost-effective

When owners become builders, it’s either because he or she wants to supervise everything, or he or she thinks that it is a cost-effective option. However, the latter is often untrue. While you will save money by not having to hire a builder, you run the risk of spending more money than you need to because of your lack of industry knowledge. A professional builder has connections to better deals and will know what options are more plausible and economical. Additionally, you will more likely than not be torn away from your actual job, which is a loss in income for you. While the choice is yours, we highly recommend hiring a professional builder.

#5 Remember less is more

As mentioned previously, the urge to add all the bells and whistles to your property can cause you to spend unnecessary money. Our team understands that too minimal a design can result in a boring home, however, simplicity in construction has both a structural and design cost advantage. When a building’s design involves intricate cantilevers and setback, the cost can quickly rise because of wall misalignment and extra support needed below. Be simple with your design to save on costs and end up with a structurally functional and beautiful home.

At ES Design, we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your property. We know how important a building design and renovation project is, especially if your livelihood depends on it, and thus, will work to ensure that we provide you with the best advice and guidance possible so that your development potential is maximised. To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.