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Architectural drafting services: What is the difference between an architect and a draftsman? - 6 Nov, 2018

The scope of work of a draftsman and an architect can overlap in many ways. Architectural draftsmen produce drawings for construction developments. These can range from brand new homes to alterations and additions of existing homes, and even extend to commercial and industrial developments. A draftsman is responsible for preparing technical drawings as well as the design plans.

The main points of difference between architects and draftsmen are as follows:

Time and value for money

Drafting is a meticulous process, that requires the preparation of computer aided design (CAD) drawings for the subsequent stages of development. CAD drawings require the design and documentation of very technical specifications and precise plans. Being a very thorough procedure, draftsmen are specialists in the field which also makes them highly proficient. This in the long-term presents greater time and cost efficiency than engaging an architect.


The qualifications of an architect and a draftsman will vary from state to state across Australia. For instance, in New South Wales, no registration is required for draftsmen, however in Victoria, draftsmen must be registered under the Building Practitioners Board.
Architects on the other hand must have formal tertiary education and registration as an architect under the governing body of each state or territory.
This by no means compromises the level of experience or expertise, it just means that in order to deliver a project, the architect or draftsman must meet certain criteria.

Scale of project

Draftsman are better suited for small to medium scale projects. This makes them ideal for residential developments and some instances for commercial projects such as change of use applications for small businesses. For residential projects such as renovations, extensions or granny flats, draftsmen are more fitting. Due to their qualifications and general scope of work however, for larger scale projects such as mixed-use developments, architects may be better suited. For the former where designs are required within shorter time frames and there may be more immediacy on delivery, engaging an architectural drafting company is far more resourceful and effective.

In all, many of the job requirements can bear similarities, however it does come down the type of work whether the decision to involve a draftsman or an architect is more appropriate.
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