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Building designers: 5 reasons to convince you they’re worth the hire - 21 May, 2021

Hiring a building designer is a novel idea to many homeowners, however, designers like those hired at ES Design, have a wealth of knowledge about residential architecture and interior design for homes in Sydney. Building your new home is a massive construction project that requires more than just a little conceptualisation and financing. Whether you’re planning for your new residential property to be a forever home or a steady form of income in your later years, clever and effective design is a necessity.

Regardless of the size or purpose of your building project, most people benefit from a building designer’s services and often regret that they did not hire them sooner. Building designers offer more than the solutions, they ensure that the needs and wants of clients, even those that are unknown, are met.


What makes building designers so important?


An effective design is invaluable to the lifestyle, profitability and comfort of a resident. While furnishings and aesthetics are what clients tend to focus on more, in reality, the design of a home is what primarily affects a client’s overall satisfaction. Remember, furnishings and decor can be easily and affordably changed, however, the design of a home is more complex and costly to alter.

With that being said, hiring a building designer is just another cost piled on top of a number of other services needed to construct a home. So what makes a building designer valuable? Why should people invest in ES Design’s building design services?

4 reasons that will convince you to hire a building designer for your project in Sydney


You’ll save time

Have you ever realised how many decisions you have to make when it comes to the design and construction of your property? Do you know what requirements your design needs to be up to the current code?
Deciding how many bedrooms you’ll need is not the only major decision you’ll have to make. Additionally, new construction techniques and technology enter the market frequently, making it difficult for you to keep on top of. Staying updated with all of this takes time and energy – something most homeowners severely lack.
A building designer will be able to help you with all of these decisions, guide you to the right solution and help you navigate the construction and design world. Your building designer is equipped with the knowledge needed to come to the right solution for you, preventing you from spending time when really, you should be looking at paint colours.

You won’t have to fork out extra money to repair your oversights

Without design expertise, it can be easy to make a mistake that goes far into construction. For example, you may have realised that your living room does not face the view that you have access to. When this happens too late into construction, it can be extremely costly to adjust or fix.
A building designer would easily help you to avoid making costly mistakes like this. In an initial meeting and through several meetings, one of our building designers will work with you to determine how to capitalise on your land space as well as what to include in your design so that your home fits your lifestyle.

Benefit from their expertise

At ES Design, our designers do more than just interpret your needs and present you with a professional plan for your project. Our designers will guide you through the building process, help you determine what certificates and approvals you need for your specific projects and assist in the hiring of other contractors/parties needed to complete your project. In an industry that’s notoriously overwhelming and complicated for anyone who is not familiar with it, this aid is invaluable.
Designers can communicate with other parties in the construction industry

Our building designers have been in the industry for decades, which means that they have formed an impressive circle of trustworthy contractors. For your project, our company is not the only contractor that you’ll need to hire. Construction projects need builders, plumbers, electricians, interior designers and more.
It can be difficult to wade through the saturated market and select the contractor that meets your needs, is reliable and produces a quality product/service. Our building designers have formed relationships with many companies in this industry and would be glad to recommend contractors to our clients based on their needs, budget and expectations.
Contact ES Design for your next build!

If we’ve managed to convince you that building designers are worth the investment, then contact our team. At ES Design, we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your property. We know how important the design and layout of a project is and the costs of running it, especially if your livelihood depends on it, and thus, will work to ensure that we provide you with the best advice and guidance possible so that your development potential is maximised.
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