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Architectural design trends - 5 Oct, 2018

Designing your dream home is a thrilling, yet overwhelming experience. Besides the aesthetic features, it is important to consider elements that will contribute to the timelessness of your home. Dream homes are built for the long-term, so it is important that you work with architectural designers to consider long-standing, but appealing trends.

Top 5 trends to consider in building your new home:

1. Lasting plans

In design, we see many fads come and go. This can be from vibrant colours to patterned feature walls. Neutral or monochromatic elements are often the most popular colour schemes in new home design for the sole reason that they are timeless. Besides complementing most other colour palettes, these "safe" tones are ageless. As the trends change, we see the notion of less is more become more prevalent. Again, this simplicity is more ideal in the long-term and allows for more flexibility in refurnishing or interior design changes at later stages.

2. Smart storage

Besides the benefits of having an organised dwelling, efficient storage is the solution to clutter and confusion. With the aid of an experienced architectural drafting company, smart storage can be accumulated into each room of the house. For example, in a kitchen, storage can be included in otherwise empty spaces such as underneath a benchtop; or in a larger space, converting the hollow area underneath a staircase into a box room which will assist in storing larger items that must be easily accessed such as a vacuum cleaner.

3. Open layouts

Open plans make the area appear larger, while effectively connecting the rooms in a new home- such as the living room, dining room and kitchen area. With the main advantage being maximising space, open plan designs also allow for greater flexibility in the long-term with renovations or refurbishments. Through avoiding structural changes such as knocking down a wall, these types of layouts are more adaptable to future variations if necessary. They also allow a greater deal of natural light to pass through in most cases.

4. Great outdoors

An outdoor space can be effectively and pleasantly incorporated into any space. Depending on the area of the land, it can range from having a small alfresco area to a large cabana with a pool, outdoor dining spot and sheltered area. Regardless, each new home will benefit from having a great outdoor area. For adding dimension, creating a pretty green scene or simply allowing for a vegetable patch, open-air areas are timeless features in new home design.

5. Multiuse rooms

The benefit of having multi-purpose rooms present great benefits. The ability to turn a study room into a guest bedroom, or a home gym into a kids play room will never go amiss. This adaptability allows home residents to better accommodate to changes in lifestyle or simply, changes in preferences.

As trends come and go, these elements are effective components for long-term advantages in new home design.

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