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Designing a home in a post-COVID era: How architect firms and draftsmen Sydney are responding to the “new normal” - 8 Apr, 2021

In 2021, we’re seeing a great shift in home design trends that have forced architect firms in Sydney, as well as draftsmen, to reconsider their approach. According to, the top five features in new homes and renovations which are of greater importance now include allowing for more natural lighting; larger living spaces; greater outdoor entertaining areas; and accounting for a home office space. Optimising the area and emphasising wellbeing, these considerations are causing an inevitable shift now, and in future.

Finding the right fit to design your dream home

It is essential to understand that architecture and design is an art form in itself that should be valued and appreciated. With so many skilled professionals in the industry, how do you find the right fit?

When seeking your dream home or duplex designer, it is essential to take into account their:

— Experience

— Solution-focused mindset

— Professional knowledge

— Creative and innovative thinking ability

— Adaptive design application

— Understanding of local council and government regulations

— Flexibility and adaptability

Top 3 trends applied by architect firms and draftsmen Sydney

1 — open living spaces: with people spending more time indoors and/or hosting more in their homes, we are seeing a growing trend in open living spaces. Although open-plan living has been a growing trend for years, now more than ever are people opting for this layout, rather than equipping their homes with more bedrooms, studies, bathrooms and storage spaces.
2 — home offices: in the wake of the pandemic, many individuals and organisations were operating from home, most of which have only now started with staggered returns and/or the option for employees to continue to work from home. As a result, renovation and construction plans are now accounting for this trend with dedicated home office spaces in their plans.
3 — outdoor entertainment areas: outdoor spaces should never be undervalued. Whether in the form of a terrace, patio or even rooftop garden, outdoor living areas are becoming increasingly popular and meeting a shift in behaviour seeing more spending time outdoors. Seamless indoor-outdoor flow also optimises natural light and fresh air.

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