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How do you make the design of your dual occupancy home attractive to renters? - 28 Jun, 2021

Dual occupancy homes are excellent properties to invest in, whether you are purchasing or building. If you are building, then you are at an advantage because you can customise your property according to your intention. With dual occupancy homes, the design potential is huge and can repay your investment in our services by producing impressive rental and sale returns.

Dual occupancy homes are two dwellings on a single lot within the boundaries. Each dwelling has its amenities, yard and entrance. Often, owners treat them as two completely separate properties, allowing them to either sell or rent one of the dwellings.

Renting one of the dwellings is a popular option for many Australians as it offers them a stream of income and is an affordable way to enter the property market industry in Sydney. Dual occupancy homes are becoming extremely popular in Australia for this very reason. As the market becomes saturated with similar properties, renters become spoiled for choice, making it pertinent that your dwelling stands out from the other options.

To attract renters, property owners who are designing and building their dual occupancy home should focus on creating value for prospective renters. This means going further than attractive furnishings, but instead incorporating useful and practical features that renters view as a bonus. Additionally, these features also increase the rental value of your dwelling, making it more likely that you will secure an above market rental price for the dwelling.

In this article, we’ll identify four elements that our team at ES Design may suggest when designing the floor plan of your dual occupancy home. This list is not exhaustive as our team’s final recommendations are dependent on your needs, wants and budget and council requirements.

4 ideas to make your dual occupancy home more attractive to renters


Separate car garages

Separate car garages for each dwelling in your dual occupancy home are an almost guaranteed way of increasing your rental value and attracting renters. Most renters with a car either struggle with street parking or pay an additional fee for parking in another building. In Sydney, parking is a coveted privilege, making this feature attractive to most young professionals who work/live in the city and own a car.


Though Australia is home to some of the biggest houses in the world (according to, it is inevitable for both dwellings in a dual occupancy home to feel small. A skylight directly in the sun’s path does not just provide natural light throughout the home, but it illuminates dark spaces and connects both storeys of the dwelling, making it feel a lot bigger than its reality.


Though the pandemic is not a major factor in Australia, a significant portion of Sydney’s population works from home or studies at home. This has increased the relevance and importance of a designated home office space. Our team always recommends including a den in your home because it makes the space sound larger as well as appear larger.
The carved out extra space is perfect for adding a home office, play area for kids or really, anything that the renter needs. While a den is not as expensive as constructing an extra bedroom, it allows the property owner to ask for a higher price because of the value it represents.
Ensure living spaces have windows

Windows in specific rooms are attractive to renters for a number of reasons. Sydney is home to beautiful weather for the majority of the year. With windows, a renter can take advantage of natural light and natural ventilation, allowing them to benefit from sustainability and subsequently, cost-effectiveness.
If your property is located in a scenic area of Sydney, then our designers will position windows and rooms (living room and kitchen are high-traffic areas) so that residents can take full advantage of views and the scenery around them.
There is not much that beats the value that a well-positioned window can bring.
At ES Design, we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your property. We know how important the design and layout of a project is and the costs of running it, especially if your livelihood depends on it, and thus, will work to ensure that we provide you with the best advice and guidance possible so that your development potential is maximised.
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