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Luxury home designers name 5 must-have features - 5 Jan, 2021

Designing and building a luxury home is exciting but complex. A luxury home design is full of potential, but what makes a residential property’s design luxurious? Luxury home design may not be what you think. It doesn’t just involve gaudy furnishings or extravagant architecture, although they may be included as well. Instead, luxury home designers focus on extreme comfort and functional opulence — on what can enrich the lives of homeowners as opposed to just including the most extravagant and expensive features.

Like with any type of building and interior design, luxury home designs evolve with time, leaving homeowners at a loss when it comes to determining what they want. As mentioned previously, luxury home designs should be grand but functional and meaningful. It should suit your lifestyle as well as provide you with added comfort. To achieve this combination in your luxury home design, a team member from ES Design will discuss all of your options and guide you in the direction of a design that makes sense for your lifestyle.

What is trending with luxury home designers?

Luxury home designs evolve every few years. Currently, sustainable design trends have been dominating every type of home design. Expect to see the following trends in luxury home designs.

  • Environmentally-friendly home features and materials

  • Green roofs and living walls

  • Vegetable gardens and orchards on estates

  • Geothermal heating and cooling

Now, let’s take a look at what features luxury home designers consider to be must-haves.

5 must-have features in your luxury home

Contemporary kitchen with butler’s pantry

The kitchen is a focal point of the home and as a result, is usually the design and lifestyle focus of homeowners. Features that make your kitchen contemporary as well as optimally functional include:

  • A spacious island bench with generous bar-stool seating

  • Ample soft-close drawers for sufficient kitchen storage

  • Seamlessly built-in refrigerator

  • Hidden garbage and recycling

  • Double ovens

  • Overhead LED lighting

A butler’s pantry is also a key feature in a luxury home design. A butler’s pantry is a concealed area with a separate sink and dishwasher. This feature is particularly helpful if you entertain frequently.

Open/Outdoor living and dining area

Blending your indoor and outdoor lifestyle is popular with luxury homes and is often a motivation for rebuilding one’s home. An alfresco living and dining area is excellent for entertaining as well as for taking advantage of the Australian weather. It should be one of your design focuses as it has the potential to be the main asset of your home and can easily become a focal point. Here are some features to add to this area:

  • Aluminium bifold doors to join the interior and exterior spaces

  • Outdoor heating facilities

  • Overhead dimmable lighting

  • LED lighting implanted on decks, paths and under furniture

  • A built-in barbecue or a wood-fired pizza oven complete with a small sink bar fridge and work surface

  • Outdoor ventilation for extremely hot evenings and days

High-quality, luxury designer lighting

The value of lighting is not often thought of, however, it can completely revolutionise the way that your home appears. Luxury homes should take advantage of ‘indirect lighting’ which can be achieved through recessed LED strip lighting or mounted up lighting. Indirect lighting should be dimmable as you will be able to produce a nighttime mood to the home when combined with drop lights. In addition to this technique, you can also include the following lighting methods to your home:

  • Integrated LED lighting with staircase handrails

  • Strip lighting above island benches

  • Wardrobe LED lighting

  • Spotlight LED lighting on specific interior features e.g. wall art

A mudroom/secondary entrance

A mudroom is a stop-gap between the back door and the interior rooms of a home. It is traditionally a home’s secondary entrance and usually used as a space to remove wet/dirty clothing before entering and is complete with shelving a cloak cupboard and bench seating. We recommend finishing the mudroom with high-quality elements such as a durable laminex cabinetry, tiled floor and a full-length ornate mirror.

We hope that this article provided clarification around the complex process of acquiring a complying development approval. At ES Design, our team will guide you through the process and ensure that your application is thoroughly completed with all of the relevant documents. We know how important projects are, whether it's the addition of a beautiful swimming pool or a long-awaited renovation. Our team will try our hardest with your project. To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.