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Luxury homes in Sydney: 5 features architects target for luxury living - 8 Mar, 2021

Luxury homes in Sydney are sights to behold. They have impressive designs and are finished with high-end materials that make it immensely impressive. Luxury homes differ from country to country because architects realise the needs, wants and climates of their communities and design luxury homes according to their clients and their surroundings. While you may find similarities in luxury homes around the world, they are mostly intentional and all have their own unique personalities.

In Sydney, luxury homes reflect the laid back and beachy lifestyle of its residences and the city’s coastal location. As a result, you’ll find luxury homes with crisp white shades, clean vertical lines and with features that capitalise on the sunny weather in Sydney.


Are all luxury residential properties in Sydney mansions?


Without professional input, it’s hard to see how luxury homes offer luxury living. While an interior design concept can be impeccable, it doesn’t offer luxurious living. Additionally, some of the most luxurious homes in Sydney aren’t incredibly massive mansions or distinguishable from standard houses. Instead, they offer luxe living from revolutionary interiors that are developed by skilled architects and designers.

How do designers and architects in Sydney create luxury living in residential properties?


High-end, professional kitchens

It doesn’t matter if the homeowner can cook, however, a large and high-tech kitchen is one of the most coveted features in a luxury residential property.
High-end kitchens contain professional kitchen appliances, marble bars, space, bold textures, exotic materials and rich hues. Recently, gold and copper have been some of the trending furnishings for luxury kitchens.
Clever designs for storage along with unique functional additions are also included in luxury kitchens including features such as drawer dishwashers, rollout shelves and racks and a beverage station.

Merging the inside with the outside

Architects in Sydney use this technique in particular because of the city’s beautiful weather. Merging the interior with the exterior is a simple concept that cannot easily be executed for many homes.
To blend outdoor and indoor living spaces, many architects design homes to easily expand outdoors. This technique is usually used with living rooms and kitchens and is facilitated via a sliding or stacked door. Luxury homes also have a full outdoor kitchen and dining space, complete with entertainment systems, a firepit, stainless steel appliances and built-in barbecues.
To bring the outdoors in, when expanding rooms outdoors may not be possible or ideal (with weather conditions), ceiling to floor glass windows are used throughout homes. This allows homeowners to enjoy nature from afar and without experiencing the inconvenience of rain, heat or intense winds.

Luxurious bathrooms

A bathroom is a space for relaxation, so it makes sense that architects target this room for luxury. One of the first things that architects include in the design of a luxury bathroom is ample space. In many standard houses, bathrooms are uncomfortably small, making it difficult to destress. Luxury bathrooms, however, are always spacious, often accommodating both a walk-in shower and a bathtub as well as his and her sinks.
Other features of a luxurious bathroom include saunas, touch screen mirrors and steam rooms. Architects and designers push to make bathrooms feel as spa-like as possible.

Fine details

Through a luxury residential property, detail, customisation and impeccable architecture are what makes the home impressive as well as costly.
High-quality builders with excellent craftsmanship will execute and integrate architectural features such as archways, detailed moulding, rounded corners and art nooks to create an otherworldly, but still familiar luxury property.
While these details are not immediately noticed nor outstanding, they collectively create a luxurious home that looks and feels expensive. Designers and architects will put serious thought into the detail of their designs and collaborate with homeowners to customise it down to the smallest detail.
This is not just what designers architects set out to do with a luxurious home but it’s also what differentiates these properties from standard residential buildings.

At ES Design, we work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your luxury residential property. We know how important the design and architecture of a luxury project is and promise that our team will provide the expertise and craftsmanship that your project deserves.

We understand that luxury residential properties don’t just require professionalism and expertise, but also collaboration with our clients so that we can execute plans and designs that perfectly reflect your idea of luxury. To find out more about our luxury residential services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.