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Making the most of your space through clever architecture - 6 Dec, 2018

Examples of multiple dwellings include dual occupancies, townhouses, villas and any secondary dwellings on one block of land, such as granny flats. In higher density areas, multiple dwellings boast abundant opportunities for living and investment. Through clever architecture, properties on the one piece of land can be maximised, ensuring areas are used to their full potential.

What are the advantages of multi-dwellings?


Each dwelling on a piece of land generates its own individual cash flow, so if developing a multi-dwelling for investment, this means multiple income streams. In addition, property owners can live in one of the dwellings, while renting or selling the other dwellings. As well as the investment and profitability opportunities, multiple dwellings such as townhouses or duplexes, have great appreciation potential. As property generally increases in value over time, property with multiple dwellings too, will also be subject to this capital gain.


With evolving cultural trends, ways of life and preferences, there has been a significant shift in lifestyle trends. multiple dwellings have allowed for greater affordability and therefore greater accessibility in living in more central areas. Desirable areas have more convenient transport services, leisure precincts, employment opportunities and public amenities. In the past, suburbs that met this criteria were oftern more expensive, however with a city growing in density and demand, most suburbs now meet these requirements. As a result, architectural and development projects have made the best use of the land through maximising properties through multiple dwellings.

Customised designs

By seeking experienced personnel in the acquisition, design and construction phase, property owners have the ability to source and select their own suppliers. This means, together, they can plan and construct their dream multi-dwelling. This is where clever architecture or drafting comes into play. Architects will advise on the greatest ways in which to make the best use of the space, as well as providing the knowledge and expertise of council guidelines and other governing bodies. This can range from preparing Development Applications for “construction ready” submissions or seeking approval through Complying Development Certificates, complementary to the site’s complete design package.

Through enabling customised designs, property owners can work with architects or draftsman to deliver their ideal vision. From aesthetic trends such as the use of natural material to functional elements such as open plans, trends in design are evolving, making the option of customisation all the more desirable.