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What can you expect from ES Design’s residential design service consultation? - 11 Sep, 2020

A residential design service consultation is a great way to explore your options and discover what you need from your future property. At ES Design, we aim to help you find what you need and want so that you can start building faster. Part of beginning the residential design process is filtering through trends, needs, wants and preferences. Many times pragmatism gets overlooked for trends. A residential design service consultation helps you to combine both, ensuring that you get the functionality that you or your tenants are looking for in alignment with trends of the 21st century. 

Why should you get a residential design service consultation?

To many, a residential design service consultation seems like an extra and unnecessary step in what is widely considered an already lengthy process. However, there is a reason for this step and it is certainly worth your time. Here’s how a residential design service consultation can help you:
  • Explore design options

    • Are you a modern minimalist or traditional homeowner?

  • Discover your needs and make recommendations accordingly

    • E.g. If you require accessibility in your home, we can recommend areas that will need to be adjusted

  • Help you prepare for the next steps

  • Cost estimation and timeframe

These are just some of the advantages of requesting a residential design service consultation. Now, let’s discuss in-depth about how ES Design can help you.
What can you expect from a residential design consultation?

When you book a design consultation, you will meet with an ES Design team member who will walk you through a few areas to work out what services and features you will require for your property, giving you the confidence to move on to the next steps.

Lifestyle Needs
Everyone’s lifestyle needs are different and will develop differently. Your ES Design professional will work with you to discover what your needs are currently and what they may be in a few years, thereby helping you to plan and avoid additional modifications and costs later on.

  • Current lifestyle

    • How many people are in your home? Do you work from home? What’s the nature of your job? All of these questions will come up during your discussion as it will determine the type of space and floor plan required for your lifestyle. Perhaps you may require a studio, an office or bedrooms for guests–it’s all dependent on your lifestyle.

  • Future growth and lifestyle changes

    • Do you plan on having a family? Do you expect your older parents to move in with you? Again, this will determine the number of rooms in your home in addition to their locations. Your designer may suggest a room on the ground level to accommodate for older parents or accessibility options in your home.

Design Wants
Your design wants are based on more than simply what style of addition or home that you want (although this is included as well). It is also based on practical considerations.
  • Sustainability

    • You may be interested in sustainability in your current or future home. Sustainability can be achieved through a variety of options including your choice of windows and doors, insulation of walls and use of non-toxic building materials. Your architectural designer will be able to recommend adjustments to be made to your current home to achieve this as well as services for your future home.

  • Cost-efficiency

    • Understandably costs, whether for a renovation or construction of a brand new property, are a concern. There are many ways to ensure that your home saves you money in the long-run, including with the addition of energy-efficient features (such as double-glazed windows, thermal insulation and aluminium framed windows and doors).

  • Style

    • Our team understands that everyone has a style preference in addition to all of their other concerns. Whether you're a modern minimalist or a traditionalist, your ES Design representation will recommend design services to you according to your style preference.

The logistics of a project are one of the most important parts of your consultation, especially because it is probably the area that you are most unfamiliar with. Regarding your residential design, we can help you to understand whether:
  • Local development and council controls may affect your design.

    • Depending on the area you select, you may not be able to construct a property at a specific height or with a specific aesthetic, however, it is all dependent on your particular council.

  • Your designs are feasible

    • Not everyone’s renovation or construction proposal is feasible. We will help you determine if you should buy, demolish or renovate. All options are possible and will require residential design services and our expertise to help bring light to your queries.

Budget constraints/flexibility

Every property and every client each has a budget, however, they sometimes may not align. At ES Design, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate of what your project will cost, let you know what modification can be made to meet your budget and whether you should revise it or not.
ES Design, we work with you to ensure that your development potential is maximised. We have over two decades of experience preparing Development Applications, making us experts in designing plans that will minimise delays. To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.