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What does a designer consider when planning your luxury home? - 4 May, 2021

Luxury homes are sights to behold. Impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful designs are just some of the elements that make luxury homes visually appealing and a joy to live in. Developing an effective luxury home requires restraint from the designer. At ES Design, we understand why clients want as much as possible from their luxury home design, especially when finances are not limited, however, with luxury homes, less is more.

What should you expect from ES Design’s luxury homes designs?


With modern luxury homes, our ES Design team approaches every element thoughtfully and with purpose in mind. Just because your home is luxurious, doesn’t mean that you need to include useless features. In our initial meeting with our client, we determine what they want from their luxury home, ensuring that the design is developed around their core needs and wants as well as contemporary luxury residential trends. This approach allows us to design a home that is a pleasure to live in.

What can you do to aid with your home’s luxury design?


While our team will use our training, experience and expertise to develop a design that encapsulates your wants, needs, lifestyle and contemporary design trends, there are a few things that you can do to bring your luxury design to life.

  • Be honest and thorough about what you want from your home

This will help our team to develop an initial design that reflects your lifestyle comprehensively. Carefully think about how you live your life and what you’ll benefit from rather than what your neighbours or other luxury homes have.

  • Select your location carefully

As designers, there’s little control that we have over your location; the most that we can do is advise. If you can splurge on a coveted postcode, then go for it! If not, then select one in a mid-to-high socioeconomic residential area. It helps to pick a spot with a beautiful view or surroundings; you can use this to frame your home’s design.

Now that we’ve covered the client’s portion, let’s review how our team designs luxury homes.

4 elements our team considers when designing a luxury home


Its surroundings/nearby views

When a client has a magnificent view or is surrounded by nature, it’s likely that they paid the price for it, especially if they’re located in Sydney. Views and nature cannot be manufactured, and really impressive surroundings are hard to come by. For this reason, we use the surroundings and views of a location as central to the design of a luxury home.
With this approach, the client is guaranteed to have a unique and luxuriously designed home. Depending on the surroundings of the home, our team, in collaboration with the client, may decide to design the designated room (it is usually the room where most time is spent) according to where the view is best seen from.

The client’s needs through a lavish lens

Every client has needs and wants for their home, whether for a standard residential property or a luxury home. As designers for a luxury home, we take these needs and wants and turn them into lavish amenities. Here’s a brief overview of how we approach basic needs and wants from a client.

Client wants/needs ES Design’s lavish amenity recommendations
Kitchen Grand professional kitchens with wine cellar
Dining room Alfresco dining
Bathroom Spa-like bathrooms and saunas
Garden Elaborate gardens
Living room Outdoor living rooms/Entertainment (home theatre) rooms
Home gym Fully furnished gym with infinity swimming pool



Home automation will be a standard quality for future homes, but for right now, it is reserved for luxury homes. We highly recommend to our clients that they implement smart locks and security, smart climate control, and smart kitchen appliances.



While everyone should be striving for sustainability in their homes, luxury homes have the budget to harness sustainability in more than one way. Vegetable gardens and orchards are a highly recommended design feature along with green roofs and walls, solar panels and LED lighting. There are a number of sustainability features available to luxury homeowners, our team’s task is to help you decide which suits your lifestyle and wants best.

At ES Design, our team works with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your luxury homes. While we know that the design and architecture of your luxury home are extremely important, we also know that its practicality and functionality are a priority. For this reason, our team will collaborate with you and other parties to ensure that the home of your dreams becomes a reality.
We understand that luxury residential properties don’t just require professionalism and expertise, but also collaboration with our clients so that we can execute plans and designs that perfectly reflect your idea of luxury. To find out more about our luxury residential services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.