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Why you should invest in the design of your dual occupancy home - 12 Oct, 2020

If you’ve made the exciting decision to construct a dual occupancy home, then you most definitely will want to ensure that the large investment you are about to make pays off. But, just how do you guarantee that your dual occupancy home will be designed and constructed in both aesthetically pleasing and valuable ways? You invest in dual occupancy design services. Dual occupancy design services ensure that the future plans and your intention for the property are realised in your design. Furthermore, it gives you an avenue to flesh out your future plans and determine what you need from your dual occupancy home. 

What is a dual occupancy home?

For many, the construction of a dual occupancy home is more than just a residence for themselves, it’s an investment for life. According to the New South Wales Government, a detached dual property home is a property that has two detached dwellings on one lot of land, but that does not include a secondary dwelling. A dual occupancy (attached) means 2 dwellings on one lot of land that are attached to each other but does not include a secondary dwelling 

Is a dual occupancy home design right for you?

Now that you know exactly what a dual occupancy home is, how do you know if it’s right for you? Generally, dual occupancy home designs are suited for almost anyone because of its high rental and resale value. In short, it’s a brilliant investment. Specifically, here’s who is most likely to benefit from a dual occupancy home:

  • Families

  • People in search of affordable options

  • Families searching for an option to accommodate multiple generations

  • First-home buyers

  • First-home buyers

  • Developers and investors searching to benefit from increased rental demand and a booming housing market

  • Young couples who want a home that’s larger than an apartment but smaller than an entire house.

As you can see, a wide variety of people can benefit from a dual occupancy home, making its design even more important. Let’s discuss why you should consider investing in a dual occupancy design.

Reasons to invest in dual occupancy design for your Sydney home

Maximise your space

Remember that you are essentially two residences on one plot of land. It’s important for the comfort of yourself and the other occupants that you maximise your space, including all the necessary amenities. Maximising your land’s space does not mean building as much as possible on your land – bigger is not always better. Instead, it means finding the right balance on your property and ensuring, according to whatever your needs may be, that it is reflected in the design of your dual occupancy home.

Figure out what you need from a dual occupancy home

Even though a dual occupancy home is an excellent investment, many people do not exactly know what they want or need the residence to be. Here are some reasons that you may be designing your dual occupancy home:

  • Live and rent the other residence

  • Sell or, possibly live with the intention to sell within a few years

  • Rent both residences

  • Live and utilise the other residence for aging parents or grown offspring

The above reasons require different elements in your dual occupancy home which is why it is important that you know exactly what you want your home to be. A dual occupancy design team will be able to guide you through your wants and future plans and design a home that best suits you.

Accommodate special needs in your home

Depending on what you want your home to be, you may require specific elements. For example, if you intend for your home to also house your ailing parents then you may want one portion of the residence to be accessible. Accessibility in homes can be complex as many different elements need to be altered in order to accommodate an impaired or elderly person. A dual occupancy team will be able to draft a design plan according to these special needs, ensuring that you incorporate exactly what you need.

Increase your property’s value

Lastly, design services for dual occupancy homes significantly increase the value of a property. This is especially true if you let us know that your future plans involve selling or renting the property. After a design team's experience with thousands of projects, they will know exactly how to design your dual occupancy home according to market trends and demographics that will enable you to maximise your earning potential.

At ES Design, our team will work with you to ensure that every measure is taken to guarantee the success of your dream home. With personalised attention and advice from a team with decades of experience, rest easy knowing that your luxury home will reflect your personality, needs and requirements.  To find out more about our services, call us on (02) 9787 2000.