Interior Design

Interior Design

Often overlooked as an additional expense in the construction process, interior design can significantly increase the value of your property both now and in the future. ES Design adopts the latest interior design methods and materials to ensure your property ages gracefully and delivers maximum value at any point in its life.

Benefits of selecting ES Design for your Interior Design

01— Coordinate other construction trades and professions to deliver dream home on schedule and under budget.

02— Efficient spatial planning maximises both function and aesthetic of home.

03— Combine your personal style with the latest trends and cutting edge techniques, equipment and furnishings. 

04— Timeless design adds long term value for investment, resale or occupation. 

05— Access to an extensive network of suppliers that can provide the best quality goods and services at the best prices.

How does the Interior Design process work?

Stage 1—Concept design

Rendered images/elevations and mood boards are presented for proposed space.

Stage 2—Interior design package

Documents detailing finishes, joinery plans, reflected ceiling plans and elevations are compiled. 

Stage 3—Interior specification

Final approval of schedule for finishes, fixtures, fittings, equipment, lighting and furniture.

Our Interior Designers provide the following services:

01— Regular meetings to ensure the client is heard and supported throughout.

02— Interior design tailored to the client’s style and requirements.

03— Cost and time-effective solutions that deliver return on investment.

04— Online and offline flexibility in communication.
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    Makka Constructions
    By Pierre Makhlouf

    Elie and team, thank you for your outstanding service. I have enjoyed the last seven years of service that have been provided to me as a contract builder/developer. You are in my top 5 best value for money businesses. The world would be a much better place if everyone took a leaf out of your book.

    Drafting projects
    By David Said

    ES Design has my full endorsement as an outstanding architecture firm. Our company has been involved in hundreds of construction projects over the past 10 years and we have worked with many highly regarded architects. I have had the pleasure of working with ES Design and the team and will be using them for future projects. In all instances, Elie and his team have been incredibly responsive when it comes to providing detailed drawings and information to support the project. ES Design is very well organised and has an intelligent and experienced team. The ES Design team is incredibly responsive and provided us with timely answers and architectural details as issues come up in the field. Thank you for an incredibly smooth and non-stressful Journey to getting our approval, very much appreciated.

    By Melissa

    Great work by the design team for my new plans.

    Luxury home
    By Anthony Kerim

    I can’t speak highly enough of the service ES Design provided us in the process of doing our renovations. At all times they were helpful, professional and efficient. Also, we used their contacts who were also very helpful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ES Design & its staff, especially John Nguyen & Elie Sleiman.

    By Duncan Stewart

    Thanks for getting the certification lined up for us. I have to say I’ve been massively impressed with ES Design. Elie has always been a great source of insight and support for me since discovering him. Johnny’s support has also been invaluable. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you all and was literally stuck until I asked for your help. I’ll be back in touch soon to hopefully do the next phase of work and for anything else, I do going forwards. I wish I’d met you guys a decade earlier! Thanks again and all the best.

    Luxury home
    By Joe H

    Once again, Elie, a design where you have outdone yourself! Together with Nicole you designed and managed to get approved a comply and develop within 5 weeks which gave me an opportunity to complete a project within 6 weeks of settlement. All the plans and approvals were done in between exchange and settlement which meant the entire time frame was 11 weeks from the day we bought it at auction until I put it back on the market with a complete makeover. Thanks again! You are an asset to our team.

    By Annie Guo

    Elie, I would like to thank you for your services in designing my house. Completely comfortable with your depth of knowledge and ability, you provided us with a professional service second to none. You are confident and totally committed to ensuring the best possible result is achieved. Your success is built on a friendly, warm approach that is both dedicated and energetic, you are also a firm believer in providing good modern fashioned design, complemented by the very latest in technology. First class service and professionalism from you and your team. Again thank you and I look forward to continuing our relationship with you for many years to come.

    Jocon Building
    By Joseph Ayoub

    Elie, it is with great pleasure that I give this testimony. Throughout the entire period of operating my business(over a decade), you have been involved in many of my projects. Your involvement whether direct for Jocon Building or through a client has been faultless. The care, the accuracy, and the time given by you, Nicole, and your entire office towards each and every project is as always overwhelming.

    Thank you in advance for all future projects.

    Luxury home
    By Scott Coles

    Elie, thanks for all your hard work to make our extensive renovation such a success. You had great ideas for a sympathetic addition to our home and you went out of your way to work with our engineer and the council. I’d be more than happy to be a reference for you for any future clients.

    Luxury home
    By Loui Abouhamad

    Elie has always displayed a huge amount of knowledge on all aspects of design. His attention to detail cannot be overlooked and his easy-to-get-along-with attitude makes any design project simple.

    By Raymond Bouassi

    Very grateful for the great and efficient service.

    Bayswater Property Group
    By Bassam Youssef

    The team at ES Design have to be the most thorough and efficient designers I have ever dealt with. The staff have a down to earth attitude and are very easy to deal with. My number one choice!

    DA submission—Pyrmont
    By Nadia

    Elie, thank you for your patients with all the changes requested for my DA and appreciate the speed you did this, with only short notice given. I will certainly recommend you to friends.

    Luxury home
    By Ves & Ed

    A big thank you to Elie and the team… There was true collaboration throughout the entire design process, which was paramount for us. Watching our ideas sketched out and finally come to life was very exciting. Elie successfully grasped our vision to create the look we wanted. The team made the whole process pain-free with their expertise and professionalism. We would highly recommend ES Design to anyone looking for engineering and drafting services.

    By Nick Katris

    I appreciate your professionalism and promptness on our projects

    DA submission—Leichhardt
    By Domenic Belmonte

    Elie, thanks for your assistance with the design and DA submission on our terrace at Leichhardt. You provided the much-needed assertiveness on arguably the most difficult council. Your advice/knowledge proved invaluable. I have already recommended you to several friends/colleagues, and will continue to.

    Luxury home
    By George P

    Elie, great work on getting all the drawings for our home done. you are very easy to work with. From start to finish you and your guys handled all our design and submissions to the council. and kept in contact during the building process and completion. I have and will keep recommending you to other customers & friends, well done keep up the good work.

    Luxury home—Bathurst
    By Charles

    Elie, I would like to commend you for your selflessness. It is obvious that you have spent many hours creating such a professional and easy to use resource. You always make life easier for your clients and now, also the public in general. You and your team have always made me feel that I am a valued client despite the many challenges I consistently create for you, you are definitely one that thinks outside the square. Good luck and thanks mate!

    Ongoing projects
    By George Katrib

    Elie and team, thank you for assisting us with so many projects. You have always made yourself accessible and have made our projects a priority giving them so much attention to detail. Our team always enjoys working with you and I will continue to recommend your services to my clients without any hesitation. I look forward to further developing our fantastic work relationship. Thanks for all your efforts!

    Luxury homes
    By Danny Khalil

    Elie, thanks for your professional assistance over the years. Ranging from personal drafting for me and also for my clients. You’re always willing to offer great advice and it is always a pleasure recommending you to new people. I hope that we can continue working together in the future.

    Childcare centres—Inner West
    By Fred Noujaim

    You’re a legend! A team of very crafty individuals who are committed to their work, and always put their clients first. It was our pleasure to work with ES Design and we are very thankful for their ongoing support and guidance.

    Luxury home
    By Joe Hanna

    Great job on my home and now starting another project, which ES Design has masterfully worked on.

    Drafting projects
    By Onnix Constructions

    I have worked with many architects / Engineers over the years and Mr Sleiman was extremely accommodating. He is able to provide a complete package from conception to completion. Elie is very competent and understands its not about his own needs but the clients. He came in within budget and has always been available for queries even after completion of the project. I have and will continue to recommend ES Engineering and drafting to all my clients.

    Studio Neon
    By Matt

    Elie, Thanks for a fantastic job with your drafting services for my bar/restaurant DA, studio NEON. Throughout this process you were fast, reliable (and patient with me and my lack of experience) in going through the DA process. You really took the time to understand my project and gave me great advice along the way. I have already recommended you to several people, and would like to use your services again for a residential project next year. Thanks.

    New Home - Lacey Street
    By Simone Elkotby

    Honest to god, thank you so much for the design of our beautiful new home. When you explained to us Ellie in the first meeting about how your own home is so much more difficult to design then a developmental design. I really did not understand until we started getting into the stages of the design. We were blown away with the end result. The result was not in 3D so it was had for me to visualise. Once we started to build our first storey and then the second storey. I could really see your masterpeice come together. Honest to god we are blown away from your attention to detail and how everything has come together to create a show stopper of a house for us. Those voids are brilliant and the separation of the parent retreat and the kids retreat is absolutely brilliant. You are all part of an amazing team and are all brilliant one by one. Thank u so much for creating the best house that I could never dream of. You are all so brilliant one by one. Your service is absolutely amazing Thank u again from Simone and Sharif Elkotby

    Duplex 12 Drake St, Panania
    By Lyn & Fred Confoy

    Top work by ES Eng & Design. I would highly recommend them in the future. Thank you for all you help. Great work by Nicole Hughes.

    Regent St Paddington, Oxford St Paddington
    By Dr Naomi McCullum

    I continue to use ES with every project. They just get the job done without any fuss. I couldn’t ask for more efficient service. They have helped me with a change of use, and a residential development. I am about to get them to help me with another change of use project. Thanks to Elie and the team.

    H139 28-32 lexington
    By Sue campbell

    Fabulous company to deal with. Fast and professional

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