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Your Guide to our Residential Design Services

We welcome professional partnerships.

ES Design is a multi-disciplined CAD service provider that specialises in preparing architectural plans. We offer a full range of residential drafting services for dual occupancy properties, luxury homes and manor houses. You can outsource your design briefs to us and be assured of high quality, fast and efficient service that will enable you to meet your deadlines.

Dual occupancy designs

We know that investing in a dual occupancy home means preparing for your future. ES Design can help you design a home that is spacious, self-contained and perfectly suited to ageing parents and children transitioning to their own home. A multi-generational family deserves harmonious spaces and the ability to accommodate independent living with the comfort of a contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Luxury home design

Whether contemporary or classic, we will work with you to ensure that your luxury home design develops according to your preferences and lifestyle needs. Luxury homes are modern, energy-efficient and designed to incorporate an open floor plan with optimal natural light and airflow. Our team will ensure that every element is designed with comfort and luxury in mind.

Manor house designs

Manor Houses require unique, functional and versatile designs, accomodating for extended families, tenants or co-operatives. ES Design understands the specific needs of each, and can therefore, ensure that your manor house is designed according to your current needs and future plans.
Our Residential Design Partners
We help cope with the highs and lows of project workloads, by reducing your residential drafting overheads. By partnering with like-minded industry professionals, the entire residential design and documentation process is seamless. This is ensured through experience, expertise and contemporary designs fit for successful long-term outcomes.
Builders and developers
ES Design has a long history of providing builders and developers with a range of invaluable design and residential drafting services. Our mutual understanding of the building industry and associated processes ensure a stress-free working relationship. Designing and drafting plans for both commercial and residential developments is our specialty.
General CAD services
With access to the latest in innovative software technology, ES Design offers a wide variety of drafting services, that range in size, context and scope. These include, but are not limited to, security, electrical, planning, the modelling of prototypes, kitchens and cabinet-making. We provide exceptional residential drafting services that are produced in an accurate and efficient manner.
Benefits of selecting ES Design for your Residential Designs
A well-coordinated process, conducted by a team of local, Sydney-based experts to ensure a quality outcome and in-house management
An accurate and efficient process, meeting timeframes and budgets in due time, so that you can start building sooner
A detailed and thorough process, with industry professionals working with you each step of the way
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