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Canterbury LEP changes to Boarding Houses - 20 Sep, 2019

Canterbury LEP 2012 has just been amended (Amendment No 16). Clause 4.1C has been added to the LEP requiring minimum lot sizes and lot widths for Boarding Houses in it's Residential Zones.
Historically, Council was accepting boarding houses within it's residential zones with frontages as narrow as 12 metres and with a site area as low as 450sqm. This recent change has a significant impact to the available sites for this type of use.
With this change, a minimum lot width of 20 metres is now required, as well as a site area of 1200sqm (R2 zones) and 1000sqm (R3 and R4 zones). These requirements now closely align with the Bankstown LEP requirements for Boarding Houses.
If you have already lodged an application and it has NOT been determined yet, Council will NOT be able to approve your application. Canterbury LEP 2012 has 'Clause 1.8A- Savings provisions relating to development applications' which traditionally protected applications from changes like this one. Unfortunately, Council has added an additional Subclause (2) to Clause 1.8A and this subclause doesn't act to protect applications that have already been lodged and were simply waiting to be determined.
If you have an application that hasn't been determined yet and are concerned about the impact of this clause, feel free to contact our office to discuss your development options moving forward.