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Introduction of the Inland Housing Code for Complying Development - 11 Mar, 2016

'A Review of Complying Development for Inland NSW' sets out proposed changes to the State Environment Planning (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 that will: 
* Simplify complying development controls via a new ‘Inland Code’ for regional and rural areas of NSW west of the Great Dividing Range 
* Make exempt development controls more flexible for farm buildings and silos in rural zones across the State. 

The Inland Code would apply to all residential complying development for 83 local government areas west of the Great Dividing Range.

Summary of key amendments:
* The existing General and Rural Housing Code provisions will be combined and simplified in a single Inland Code for complying development. This means dwelling houses and attached ancillary development, outbuildings, detached studios and farm buildings will now be permitted under the Inland Code. In local government areas located west of the Great Dividing Range the existing General and Rural Housing Code will no longer apply.
* The site coverage, articulation zone and principal open space development standards will no longer apply to development under the Inland Code.
* Gross floor area, landscaped area and setbacks will be the principle controls for determining the area which can be built upon.
* Setback clauses will be simplified in order to better reflect the prevailing single storey built form.
* Built to boundary setbacks will no longer apply to dwelling houses.
* The range and scale of farm buildings which are able to be erected under the existing General Exempt Development Code is to be expanded for all rural land in NSW.
* The size and scale of farm buildings are to be determined by the size of a total land holding, as opposed to a single lot.