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NCC 2019 Amendment 1 has taken effect! - 1 Jul, 2020

On 1 July 2020, NCC 2019 Amendment 1 took effect making the following changes legally administrable in all States and Territories:

·        A new provision, A2.2(4), in the Governing Requirements to require (from 1 July 2021) that a process be followed when creating and documenting Performance Solutions.

·         A new provision, A5.7, in the Governing Requirements to require labelling of Aluminium Composite Panels.

·         A new provision in Volume One, D1.18, regarding egress from early childhood centres.

·      Clarification amendments in Specification C1.1 of Volume One regarding concessions that permit the use of timber framing for low-rise Class 2 and 3 buildings.

·       Amendment to in Volume Two to clarify that anti-ponding boards are not required in roofs where sarking is not installed.

·         Correction of minor errors.


While the new process for documenting Performance Solutions is not yet mandatory, practitioners are encouraged to exercise the steps outlined in A2.2(4) from now. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has put together a guide to assist in this transition.


Additionally, you can read more about the amendment and how it should be implemented here.


The next NCC will come into effect in 2022.