New Home - Lacey Street

Honest to god, thank you so much for the design of our beautiful new home. When you explained to us Ellie in the first meeting about how your own home is so much more difficult to design then a developmental design. I really did not understand until we started getting into the stages of the design. We were blown away with the end result. The result was not in 3D so it was had for me to visualise. Once we started to build our first storey and then the second storey. I could really see your masterpeice come together. Honest to god we are blown away from your attention to detail and how everything has come together to create a show stopper of a house for us. Those voids are brilliant and the separation of the parent retreat and the kids retreat is absolutely brilliant. You are all part of an amazing team and are all brilliant one by one. Thank u so much for creating the best house that I could never dream of. You are all so brilliant one by one. Your service is absolutely amazing Thank u again from Simone and Sharif Elkotby

By Simone Elkotby
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