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  • Draft Local Environmental Plan now on exhibition for the City of Parramatta Council - 2 Sep, 2020 Parramatta Council has proposed a new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to consolidate and replace the existing five planning controls. The new LEP will be applicable to the whole Local Government Area and will address inconsistencies with prohibited development types, height limits, floor space ratios, zoning, and land use. ... read more >>
  • New Housing Diversity SEPP to hinder build-to-rent and seniors housing developments - 24 Aug, 2020 A new Housing Diversity SEPP has been proposed to replace SEPPs that currently protect private developers with planning incentives and provisions. If passed, private developers will have difficulty accessing the build-to-rent and seniors housing sectors, while the NSW Government benefits from an extended ability to self-approve. ... read more >>
  • Update on developer contributions - 22 Jul, 2020 Developer contributions have long been a means for Council to deliver more liveable communities to the public, however with COVID-19 heightening the barrier to new developments, the NSW government has been forced to revisit this policy.... read more >>

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